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Real Estate Litigation

Real estate litigation can be highly complex given the broad scope of industry-specific regulations and circumstances that can weigh into litigation or arbitration, as well as the variety of parties and types of properties that may be involved.

Kaufman & Company attorneys with deep real estate litigation experience are available to represent real estate developers, joint venture partners, public agencies, contractors, design professionals, commercial landlords, tenants, property owners and others involved in commercial real estate disputes.

Our trial lawyers bring valuable knowledge, experience and strategic insights to every case, to ensure each matter is strategically managed with a customized approach and efficiency. Because we know that each client has a very specific, unique objective in their real estate dispute, we are careful to suggest alternative strategies ranging from the negotiating table or alternative dispute resolution to a state or federal court proceeding.

Areas of Litigation and Disputes Focus
  • Land use
  • Eminent domain
  • Construction
  • Developer-contractor agreements
  • Joint venture/partnership agreements
  • Development agreements
  • Earn-out agreements
  • Purchase and sale contracts
Emergency Court Interventions

Our attorneys are particularly experienced in prosecuting and defending emergency court interventions. We specialize in fast, effective action in instances of injunctions and temporary restraining orders. Having spent countless hours in the courtroom conducting trials and hearings, our lawyers have the insight necessary to employ all of the potential strategic advantages available during the emergency court intervention phase of a case.

Arbitration and Mediation

Our firm also offers clients solutions outside of the litigation context, negotiating resolutions in matters after informal discovery outside of the public sphere. This protects clients’ proprietary information while enabling us to more efficiently serve their needs. We also advise clients considering hiring employees currently working at competing companies, and facing other related issues.

Technology Tools

Understanding that technology is the key to many cases involving proprietary information or restrictive covenants, Kaufman & Company has the experience to quickly coordinate forensic investigations of computer, phone and other personal electronic devices to provide a comprehensive analysis of potential theft of trade secrets and proprietary information.

Our firm also leverages recent technology to organize and maintain an extensive archive of trade secret and employee lift-out litigation templates, past and current research regarding trade secret and employee lift-out case law, and related materials. Our ability to call on this information at the touch of a button enables us to provide more efficient and cost-effective representation to our clients. Kaufman & Company is ready to face the challenges involved in a market becoming ever more dependent upon the technological advancements of today and tomorrow.

Representative Matters