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Our boutique litigation firm provides strategic counsel and deep industry knowledge

The Kaufman & Company team is composed of business litigation lawyers with many years of experience acquired while working in large firm litigation practices.

We bring significant courtroom experience and lead-trial capabilities to cases, having litigated in state and federal courts throughout the U.S. But our capabilities don’t stop there. We also carefully “read” each unique set of circumstances and disputes, and seek creative solutions to solve the problems at hand. We use our industry knowledge and experience to resolve disputes strategically and effectively, weighing the alternatives in every case: Is litigation appropriate, or can we achieve a better outcome by first seeking a mediation, an arbitration or a negotiation resolution before the lawsuit is filed?

Kaufman & Company offers clients:
  • Responsive, experienced trial attorneys with deep courtroom experience around the country and success in core areas of business litigation
  • Affordable rates, flexible pricing arrangements, and legal project management
  • National reach that enables us to build a team quickly and lead the courtroom work wherever in the U.S. a dispute may arise

Communication & Accountability: Once we determine the best path forward, we assemble a legal team to work closely and collaboratively throughout the case to ensure our client has easy access to a knowledgeable, informed partner or associate, and is informed about status and progress at all times. We recognize that effective, ongoing communication is essential to a positive outcome. We also recognize the importance of providing budget-driven and effective project management toward clearly identified goals and objectives.

Injunction Litigation: When immediate injunctive relief or other emergency proceedings are required or sought against our client, Kaufman & Company mobilizes a team immediately. Our deep experience in injunction litigation, on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants, prepares us to represent our client’s interests wherever in the U.S. the dispute arises.

Technology: Kaufman & Company is equipped with e-discovery document and trial management and cybersecurity technology that enables us to collect, preserve and protect evidence and information with confidence. Our clients achieve peace of mind, knowing our capabilities are backed by information technology tools that support their cases and safeguard their privacy and confidential information.

The track record of our boutique litigation firm speaks for itself: Our clients — Fortune 500 companies, partnerships, privately held corporations, LLCs, lawyers and law firms, individuals and nonprofit organizations — remain loyal because they know they can rely on the consistency of our high-caliber trial attorneys in a wide range of business litigation. Find out why: Contact us today to discuss your legal needs or to learn more about our team.