Kaufman & Company Litigators Vindicate Clients’ Development Rights at Trial

Chad Cooper and Sara Smoter represented clients who prevailed in a bench trial before the Lake County (Ohio) Court of Common Pleas. Our clients were the principals of a highly successful marine contracting business, Huffman Equipment Rental Company. The Court entered judgment in favor of Huffman on all issues and assessed costs against their adversaries.

For many years, the two families (our clients and the adverse party) operated industrial businesses on neighboring parcels of property. When a long strip of very useful land behind their properties became available for purchase, the fathers and sons of the two companies discussed a possible joint purchase. When they could not agree to terms of a joint purchase, the senior Huffman bought the land himself. The neighboring family filed claims for breach of contract and various business torts, including fraud.

With the benefit of thorough investigation, the Huffman team located previously concealed documents that the adverse parties tried to keep hidden and out of the case. The use of those discovered documents made for very effective cross-examination both in depositions and at trial. The Court rendered a judgment in favor of our clients on all claims.

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