Kaufman & Company Files Lawsuit on Behalf of Brook Park in Airport Runway Expansion Dispute

As published on Cleveland.com, Kaufman & Company filed a lawsuit on behalf of the City of Brook Park against the City of Cleveland for breaching a contract in which Cleveland agreed to buy homes in a residential neighborhood in Brook Park to make way for a planned runway expansion at Hopkins International Airport.

The 2001 settlement agreement at the heart of the lawsuit was reached when Cleveland agreed to buy about 300 Brook Park homes to make way for the airport runway and Brook Park dropped its efforts to buy the I-X Center located between the airport and Brook Park. Cleveland began buying and demolishing the homes in 2003 and eventually bought 228 of the 300 homes. The project stalled when Cleveland balked at purchasing the last of the 300 homes. As a result, about 70 homeowners who entered into sales agreements were left in the lurch. The lawsuit asks a judge to force Cleveland to live up to its end of the bargain.

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