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Law Firm Litigation

From legal malpractice suits and breach of fiduciary duty claims to internal law firm disputes involving partners, shareholders, members and/or departing employees as well as competing firms improperly procuring matters and attorneys from other firms, law firms have unique dispute resolution and litigation needs.

The Kaufman & Company litigation boutique has extensive experience in providing legal representation of lawyers, and sometimes advice, to other lawyers and law firms. We provide the customized strategy and work product of a large firm with all the technology, service and price advantages of a small firm — and we are available to provide services with far fewer conflicts and creative alternative fee structures.

Areas of Litigation and Disputes Focus
  • Legal malpractice
  • Breach of fiduciary duty and partnership/shareholder agreements
  • Misappropriation of confidential information and potential breaches of fiduciary duty in attorney departures
  • Business and fee disputes involving co-counsel, partners or members of the firm, other firms and/or clients
Emergency Court Interventions

Our attorneys are particularly experienced in prosecuting and defending emergency court interventions. We specialize in fast, effective action in instances of injunctions and temporary restraining orders. Having spent countless hours in the courtroom conducting trials and hearings, our lawyers have the insight necessary to employ all of the potential strategic advantages available during the emergency court intervention phase of a case.

Technology Tools

Understanding that technology is the key to many cases involving proprietary information or restrictive covenants, Kaufman & Company has the experience to quickly coordinate forensic investigations of computer, phone and other personal electronic devices to provide a comprehensive analysis of potential theft of trade secrets and proprietary information.

Our firm also leverages recent technology to organize and maintain an extensive archive of trade secret and employee lift-out litigation templates, past and current research regarding trade secret and employee lift-out case law, and related materials. Our ability to call on this information at the touch of a button enables us to provide more efficient and cost-effective representation to our clients. Kaufman & Company is ready to face the challenges involved in a market becoming ever more dependent upon the technological advancements of today and tomorrow.

Representative Matters