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Significant Real Estate Project
Litigation Representation
Defended A Major Real Estate Developer
Defended the developer of Pinecrest, a large Northeast Ohio mixed-use commercial development project in the east suburbs of Cleveland, where an oil and gas well operation on the development site had obtained issuance of a TRO before the firm’s engagement, drawing a halt to prevent the dismantling of the well, and effectively shutting down development across a substantial portion of the site. Kaufman & Company successfully litigated the defense position in a Preliminary Injunction hearing to oppose the well interest-holders’ position. Kaufman & Company first succeeded in persuading the court to increase the bond to a very high amount in order to continue the temporary restraining order. Following the first day of the PI hearing, with the new high bond due to be filed, the plaintiffs dropped their opposition and settled the matter, allowing the resumption of the development with only a minor project delay.
Flats East Development
Won A Week-Long Injunction Trial, Allowing The Most Significant Public Development Project In Cleveland In 30 Years To Proceed
In the Flats East Bank mixed use commercial development (most significant Cleveland public development project in 30 years at the time), Steve Kaufman as co-trial counsel first won a TRO permitting the $275 million financing to close and then, weeks later, won a week-long trial, obtaining a preliminary injunction against the architectural firm that tried to block the $275 million redevelopment project in a dispute over the ownership of the project drawings. The state court judge found that the developer had the right to maintain ownership of and use the drawings, and that not recognizing this right would irreparably harm the developer, the project and the Greater Cleveland area.
Cleveland Airport Expansion
Won Defense Verdict In Largest Commercial Eminent Domain Trial In Ohio
In the largest commercial eminent domain trial in Ohio history, Steve Kaufman was lead trial counsel in a five-week trial in State Court won by the city of Cleveland against a neighboring city. The neighboring city had filed an eminent domain action to take Cleveland’s 150-acre IX Center, which was needed for Cleveland’s long developed plans to expand the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport for an international runway. The Plain Dealer hailed the city of Cleveland’s win as a “victory for the entire Northeast Ohio region.”
Flats East Development
Obtained Favorable Settlement After Five-Week Bench Trial In Eminent Domain Action
Steve Kaufman, serving as lead trial counsel, obtained a significant settlement for the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority in an eminent domain action to acquire 14 commercial properties for the $275 million Flats East Bank redevelopment project. After five weeks of trial, all the owners agreed to settle and transfer ownership for the project, allowing the development to proceed.