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Trade Secrets, Restrictive Covenants and Employee Lift-Outs

In today’s lightning-fast, competitive, data-driven global marketplace, a company’s ability to survive and thrive depends upon protecting its intellectual property, client relationships and knowledgeable work force.

These trade secrets, proprietary information and human capital often represent a company’s most valuable assets, making the choice of an experienced law firm more important now than ever before.

Kaufman & Company’s Trade Secrets, Restrictive Covenants and Employee Lift-Outs Practice Group has extensive experience litigating bet-the-company cases involving trade secrets, proprietary information, client relationships and restrictive covenants. By working on both prosecution and defense actions, we provide our clients the benefit of our experience with the strategies and pitfalls involved on either side of a trade secret, employee lift-out or non-compete agreement action.

Areas of Focus
  • Federal Defend Trade Secrets Act
  • Prosecuting and defending requests for injunctions and temporary restraining orders
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Trade secrets and unfair competition
  • Other restrictive covenants
  • Violations of fiduciary duties
Employee Lift-Outs

Kaufman & Company is on the cutting edge of new developments in employee lift-outs and trade secret laws. For example, we litigated one of the first cases brought under the Defend Trade Secrets Act (DTSA) in federal court, and have subsequently applied our knowledge in a number of DTSA cases.

Emergency Court Interventions

Our attorneys are particularly experienced in prosecuting and defending emergency court interventions. We specialize in fast, effective action in instances of injunctions and temporary restraining orders. Having spent countless hours in the courtroom conducting trials and hearings, our lawyers have the insight necessary to employ all of the potential strategic advantages available during the emergency court intervention phase of a case.

Arbitration and Mediation

Our firm also offers clients solutions outside of the litigation context, negotiating resolutions in matters after informal discovery outside of the public sphere. This protects clients’ proprietary information while enabling us to more efficiently serve their needs. We also advise clients considering hiring employees currently working at competing companies, and facing other related issues.

Technology Tools

Understanding that technology is the key to many cases involving proprietary information or restrictive covenants, Kaufman & Company has the experience to quickly coordinate forensic investigations of computer, phone and other personal electronic devices to provide a comprehensive analysis of potential theft of trade secrets and proprietary information.

Our firm also leverages recent technology to organize and maintain an extensive archive of trade secret and employee lift-out litigation templates, past and current research regarding trade secret and employee lift-out case law, and related materials. Our ability to call on this information at the touch of a button enables us to provide more efficient and cost-effective representation to our clients. Kaufman & Company is ready to face the challenges involved in a market becoming ever more dependent upon the technological advancements of today and tomorrow.

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